C-HF Pulse Powerful Cleaning Capabilities

The HF Pulse system offers a powerful solution to facilitate the cleaning of filter media with lengths between 2,200 mm and 6,000 mm from free-flowing dusts. Thanks to the modified flow control at the regeneration unit, the cleaning-off pressure is being conducted straight into the filter element with hardly any loss. Thus, the increased pulse effect enables a consistent cleaning current even with long filter elements.

With this specific feature, HF Pulse filters are also suited for the dedusting of exhaust gas systems. Here it is possible to combine them with VOC and NOx catalyzers as well as with Calida Cleantech’s Turbox Dry Sorbent Injection. 


Volume flow rate6,700 Btrm3/h, modularly expandable
Filter elements Fiber ceramics form elements
  • 150 mm diameter
  • length 2,200 mm, 3,000 mm (6,000 mm on request)
TemperatureUp to 650 OC (800 OC on request)

Standard steel, 1,4301, 1,4571, 1,4828 ...

Jet Pulse6 bar compressed air or inert gas (CO2, N2)
  • insulation with steel sheet cladding
  • internal insulation via ceramic infeed