Particle ProductionReliability for Optimized Processes

Metal Particles

Metal particles normally are produced under hot protective atmospheres. For tube filter systems, the gas has to be substantially cooled down. This causes a waste of valuable energy. In order to reduce the loss, the cool-down process is stopped at the filter’s temperature limit. The risk: Even slight temperature fluctuations can cause perforation burning in tube filters.

With C-Jet Pulse filters, Calida Cleantech offers solutions for the economic and ecological optimization of particle production facilities. C-Jet Pulse filters are hot gas filters with a high temperature tolerance and smart options for process integration.

Soot Production

Soot production includes a large variety of processing methods – from gas sooting to the injection of sooting coals into a substoichiometric hot entrained flow gasifier.  The different methods are typified by their characteristic filtration challenges.

Caida Cleantech surface filters C-HF Pulse or CPP High Force help to safely tackle the most complex tasks in the soot production process without straining your budget.