Recycling / Waste ManagementTechnical Evolution for Your Processes

Specifically in the recycling industry, material compounds are often being separated thermally, e. g. during zinc recycling by means of rotary kilns, pyrolytic processes for the removal of coatings and the separation of rubber/metal compounds, or in incineration plants. All methods utilize filter systems for gas cleaning that have their limitations.

With their broad temperature range and protection against flying sparks, Calida Cleantech filters offer clear advantages compared to conventional filter systems. As the central element in the gas cleaning process, Calida Cleantech products optimize your processes at crucial points.

With the different cleaning systems C-Jet Pulse, C-HF Jet and CPP High Force, hot gas filters can optimize almost any process. As a cleaning center, the Turbox Dry Sorbent Injection unit and NOx and VOC catalyzers (placed downstream or integrated) help to significantly simplify the gas and exhaust gas cleaning process.