calida cleantechInnovative Filter Technology for Hot Gas Filtration

Hot process gases from thermo-chemical plants often show a high particle concentration. In order to clean these gases and thus reclaim their thermal energy, we develop innovative solutions for all requirements. The extremely broad temperature spectrum of Calida Cleantech hot gas filters enables the provision of nearly particle-free gases at high process temperatures. This not only helps to avoid product contaminations or clogging during condensation and desublimation processes, but also optimally protects downstream plant components.

Hot gas filters from Calida Cleantech can be deployed within a temperature range from the specific dew point up to 800 0C. The resulting exhaust gases can be directly submitted to NOx treatment without any pre- or post-processing.

Calida Cleantech is the only company worldwide that is able to offer three different and optimized cleaning systems.

ProductsHot Gas Filters

C-Jet Pulse

For applications with dry, free-flowing dusts.

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C-HF Pulse

The powerful and economic solution for filter systems with ceramic filter candles in lengths from 2 to 6 meters.

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