CPP High Force The Innovation for Sophisticated Cleaning Tasks

With the CPP High Force cleaning technology, Calida Cleantech provides a solution for the most complex filtration tasks with strongly adhering dusts.

The filter elements are directly connected to the back-flush system. Thus, almost the entire amount of regeneration gas absorbs the filter matrix upstream within no time. The result: The generation of maximal cleaning power enables the elimination of strongly adhering contaminations across the entire filter surface.

In CPP High Force filters from Calida Cleantech, the filter elements mostly have a double bearing and are integrated horizontally. This helps to optimally protect the filter elements against mechanical wear. The horizontal design also allows for expansions on the top and sides of the filter systems. Thus, Calida Cleantech facilitates the realization of the largest possible filter surfaces on limited space.


Volume flow rate 1,100 Btrm3/h per module, modularly expandable to up to 6 modules per container
Filter elementsFiber ceramics form elements
  • 60 mm diameter
  • Other filter media available on request
Temperature Up to 650 OC (800 OC on request)
Material Standard steel, 1,4301, 1,4571, 1,4828 ...
Reverse Pulse Max. 2.5 bar compressed air or inert gas (CO2, N2)
  • Insulation with steel sheet cladding